Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tram coming from Dublin

Tram coming from Dublin, originally uploaded by infomatique.

The New Luas Extension Has Been Criticised By Commuters Who Cannot Park.

When it comes to transport in Dublin there have been two success stories in recent years. The DublinBike scheme is one and the other is the Luas tram system.

Last Monday was a beautiful sunny day and after photographing the Dublin Marathon I decided that it would be a good idea the get the Luas to Cherrywood to see if I could take a few photographs.

It was explained to me that the land is now tied up in NAMA and as a result it cannot be developed as a park and ride facility.

Commuters were turned away from the new Cherrywood terminus on opening day as there were no parking facilities available.

Cherrywood is one of Dublin's newest suburbs and as can be seen from my photographs it is partly developed and there are some very large empty spaces and believe it or not there is a shortage of parking spaces.

Some time ago a decision was made to extend the Sandyford (Green) Luas line to Cherrywood and construction started in February 2007 and the line became operational this month (.October 2010) There are now two Luas stops in Cherrywood: Cherrywood and the terminus, Brides Glen.

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