Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Streets Of Dublin - ECARS

ESB has established ESB ecars to roll out the charging infrastructure and to support the introduction and demand for electric cars in Ireland. ESB ecars fit neatly with ESB's target of having 40% of electricity generated using renewable sources by 2020 and being a carbon neutral organisation by 2035. And with Ireland's natural advantages in terms of wind and other renewables a large proportion of the power used by electric cars will be carbon free in the future.
Critical to the take up of ecars is the provision of the infrastructure and ESB, as the single owner/operator of the electricity distribution system is responsible for implementing the charging infrastructure across Ireland. It will be a comprehensive network of charge points with open systems and platforms accessible to all supply companies and all types of electric cars.
Paul Mulvaney, Managing Director, ESB ecars heads up a multi-disciplinary team which is working hard at realising the ambitious targets set by the Government for 10% of the Irish motoring fleet to be electric by 2020. Being part of a leading electricity utility, ESB ecars has the benefit of and access to the specialist knowledge and expertise within the wider ESB organisation.

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