Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Second Big Snow Of The Year - Dublin, Ireland

Early in January of this year I got stuck in Brussels Airport for 24 hours because Dublin Airport was closed due to snow and now towards the end of the year Dublin Airport is again closed due to snow … this is unusual.

The arctic conditions gripping the Ireland and many other parts of Europe are showing no signs of easing as weather forecasters warn that further heavy snow showers will affect many parts of Leinster and east Munster today and tonight.

Temperatures are also forecast to drop to as low as -10C with a severe frost and freezing fog set to cause treacherous driving conditions. Only once before, during a visit to Sweden, have I experienced such cold.

As you can see from my photographs the weather conditions are continuing to cause major problems in Dublin city centre.

Local media services are advising the public that the sub-zero weather could well continue until Wednesday of next week.

It has been reported that there was chaos at Dublin Airport this morning after snow and ice on the main runway resulted in flight delays, cancellations and diversions. Many intending passengers arrived at the airport only to be informed that their flights were being delayed by up to six hours.

Many flights were cancelled, including Aer Lingus flights to Birmingham, Madrid, Manchester, Barcelona, Brussels, Edinburgh, London, Dusseldorf, Paris and Geneva.

Notice At 17:00
Flight Operations Suspended at Dublin Airport Until 19.0 December 01 2010
Flight operations have been suspended at Dublin Airport until 19.00 this evening following heavy snow showers over the airport this afternoon.

Snow and ice clearing teams are working to clear the main runway, taxiways and associated apron areas.

The Dublin Airport Authority apologises for any inconvenience caused to passengers as a result of severe weather conditions.

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